AF’s Dream for the Future

As well as helping our students achieve their dreams, we at AF are also well on the way to achieving our own dreams as a company.

As a premier provider of “one stop” services for Chinese students seeking to enter the world’s most elite institutions of learning, AF aims to establish ourselves as the leader in this field within 3 years. Currently, we as a people are in the midst of a digital revolution, a third industrial revolution if you will. As time goes on, digital technology plays a bigger and bigger role in an ever increasing number of aspects of our daily life. As this technological advancement continues, national borders and geopolitical barriers continue to break down, creating an ideal opportunity for the rapid growth of a new start-up, as we are able to position ourselves to meet these new challenges far more easily than traditional, top-heavy multinational companies.

At AF we never stop moving forward. So we are always seeking to expand our team of educational experts not only to meet our students’ dreams but also AF’s own dreams and hopes for the future.

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