Our Departments


Our Consulting team will guide you through every step of the often long and drawn out process of getting into the very top US, UK and HK universities and schools.

Our team of university consultants, all have extensive international experience, with many of them having graduated from these same very top tier academic institutions.

With their first-hand knowledge, experience and expertise of the university applications process, we are ready to provide with all the help and support you need.


Alongside our university consultants, stand our academic team. Amongst our team of teachers and lecturers, we have the world's best educators, with over 80% of them hailing from overseas. Our teachers are highly trained and work alongside our consulting team to ensure the very highest levels of service to our customers.

To ensure the very best results in our English programs, all our English teachers are, of course, native speakers.

Together, our faculty here at AF will help you reach your goals and ascend to the highest levels of global academia. Amongst our team we boast graduates from the likes of Oxbridge and The Ivy League. We know how to get into these places, because we've done it before!

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