Our Founder

Our CEO and Founder Mr. Alex Cheng

With a proven track record of success in Hong Kong and internationally, Alex knows what it takes to succeed at the very top of the education field.

In the past years, Alex helped more than 200 students gain acceptance to the top 25 US and UK universities as well as Hong Kong's own top 3 academic institutions.

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As the holder of a 1st class Honours degree in Science in Mathematics Alex later went on to complete his Masters degree in Science in Mathematics, before also adding a Master of Education degree to his credits. Alex is also a TEFL certified English teacher.

During his illustrious teaching career Alex has lectured at:

  • IVEY Business School, Canada
  • Utah State University, US
  • The International Institute of Education, US
  • Subjects Taught

    Mathematics, Statistics, English grammar and reading.
  • Levels Taught

  • Students Taught

    Postgraduates, Undergraduates and High School Students.

Alex has also taught extensively in Hong Kong, lecturing at:

  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Hong Kong University School of Professional and Continuing Education
  • City University of Hong Kong
  • The Open University of Hong Kong

Alex later joined one of Hong Kong's top Academic Consultancy groups in 2010 as a stockholder and member of the management team. Overseeing a team of more than 80 teachers, Alex took the group to new heights, establishing them as one of Hong Kong's leading providers of academic tutoring, consulting and other educational services.

During this time, Alex achieved a great deal. Under his guidance the company came to be recognized as an official ACT and AP® testing centre. They also became an accredited UCAS centre.

Today, thanks to Alex's efforts, his former company has become an active member of the following US professional institutions:

  • Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA)
  • National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)
  • Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA)

Alex is also an experience trainer and examiner for international public examinations. He helped 12 teachers in his previous school to gain official examiner accreditation as well as recommending a further 12 teachers.

Under his leadership the company also built strong ties with a network of international schools and top level high schools across Hong Kong, allowing them to provide a comprehensive, tailored service of IB, IGCSE and SAT courses and assistance, meeting the needs of their students like never before.

Alex's work went beyond just teaching and academics. He also oversaw the inception, growth and development of the firm's publishing division. He authored 3 publications of his own, in what would eventually become a collection of more than 20 textbooks, study guides and course companions.

Always looking for new ways to challenge and improve himself, Alex left behind a highly successful firm in 2015 to strike out on his own. Soon afterwards, he founded AF.

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    SAT Math Level II
  • SAT Math
    SAT Math
  • IB Math
    IB Math

Alex’s Vision

In order to be a successful educator, one must look beyond simply boosting the exam scores of the students. Teaching students “how to learn to learn” is a huge part of my overall teaching philosophy. When I teach mathematics, I often remind my students that is no one set way to solve every problem. Instead I encourage my students to explore different methods on their own and establish their own “best ways” to solve problems. In time these same “best ways” can be applied to a variety of other mathematical topics too.

After around ten years of teaching, I came to the realization that my ability to help my students was not limited merely to mathematics. As time went on, I would often impart advice to my students beyond just mere mathematics. I offered them guidance on how to develop their personal interests and also inspired them to think deeply about exactly what they hoped to achieve in the future. This led to my choosing to enter a career in consulting, to help my students in a more “all-encompassing” way. Unlike preparing all my students to sit the same exam, as I often did as a math teacher, with consulting, it is necessary to create a more tailor made plan for the individual needs of each individual student.

Unfortunately, I was dismayed at the lack of quality consulting services on offer to students in this field. These days the internet provides a wealth of resources in this area. However, without the sufficient training and experience it can be very difficult for students and their parents to seek out the correct and proper information, It’s very unfortunate to think that some students may miss out on the chance to fully realise their great potential simply due to an inability to seek out the necessary information.

This brings me to the twin aims I had in mind when setting up AF. We aim not only to boost our students’ academic performance, but also to give our students and their families the very best information, advice and support throughout the entire university application process. We are the one-stop service for all our students’ career planning needs.

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