Our Teachers

It is often said, by the worldly wise, that a student is only as good as those who have taught him or her. AF understands that our students plan to study at the very best institutions in the world. So, naturally, we go the extra mile to ensure that we recruit only the finest teachers and advisors, to provide you with the best possible service.

Our teachers have graduated from schools all around the world. They have studied at some of the world's top schools, such as Oxbridge and the Ivy League, to name but a few. They taught a number of international syllabuses, and have a wealth of academic experience.

This globally attributable experience enables us to provide the best possible guidance to our students as they seek to enter some of the world's top schools.

Our teachers know what it takes to get into these schools as they themselves have been there.

Likewise our academic advisors come from all over the world and they can give you the inside track on how to best navigate the US and UK applications process. They know how it works, because they have been there and they have done it!

Teacher Profiles

Mr. Alex Cheng
  • ACT Registered Teacher
  • Appointed Mentor of St. Paul’s Co-Educational College
  • MSc. in Mathematics, Master of Education
  • Course Designer for SAT, ACT, IGCSE and IB
  • Publisher of SAT, IGCSE and IB study guides
  • Area of Expertise: I/GCSE Mathematics, GCE AS/AL Mathematics, Cambridge Pre-U Mathematics; IBDP SL/HL Mathematics, SAT I & II Mathematics, ACT Mathematics, AP Calculus, AP Statistics
Dr. Tony Song
  • ACT Registered Teacher
  • PhD, MSc. in Chemistry
  • Area of Expertise: I/GCSE Chemistry, GCE AS/AL Chemistry, Cambridge Pre-U Chemistry; IBDP SL/HL Chemistry, General/Honors Chemistry, SAT II Chemistry, AP Chemistry; ACT Science
Ms. Nicole Zhang
  • PhD candidate
  • BSc. In Physics (minor in Chemistry) from the University of Hong Kong
  • Area of Expertise: I/GCSE Physics, GCE AS/AL Physics, IBDP SL/HL Physics, General/Honors Physics, SAT II Physics, AP Physics
Mr. Kenneth Weiner
  • BSc. In Physics from M.I.T.
  • Has been awarded with scholarships to Harvard, Princeton and M.I.T
  • Over 20 years’ experience in teaching US test preparation
  • Area of Expertise: SAT Reasoning, SSAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL
Ms. Karen Wong
  • Over 15 years experience in teaching various International Schools in Hong Kong
  • B.A. (Hons) from University of Warwick
  • Area of Expertise: General English, IELTS, I/GCSE English, GCE AL English/English Literature, IBDP English Language and Literature, TOEFL, SAT
Dr. Helen Cheung
  • Lecturer in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) for undergraduate courses of Applied Biology
  • PhD in Physiology/Pharmacology
  • BSc. In Applied Biology
  • Area of Expertise: I/GCSE Biology, GCE AS/AL Biology, SAT II Biology, AP Biology

Student Acceptances to Top Institutions

The number below each institute denote the number of students that have successfully admitted into the respective institute.

  • Cornell University25
  • Harvard University15
  • Princeton University12
  • Cambridge University6
  • Oxford University3
  • London School of Economics and Political Science13
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong17
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology25

We select only the very best teachers and advisors to provide you with the highest possible quality service. Our teachers and advisors are thoroughly vetted prior to starting with us, and they receive on-going assessment and training throughout their time with us, to ensure those highest standards are constantly maintained.

Of course good teachers also need good leadership, which is why we have sourced former teachers from some of Hong Kong and indeed the world's most prestigious international schools to head up our academic departments and to lead our team of academic advisors.

At AF we believe in striving for excellence in everything we do. Our staff share this vision with us. With their passion, their expertise and their knowledge you can rest assured, that you will receive the very best in advice, support and teaching throughout your application process.

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