Today we live in an ever more interconnected world. As borders break down and globalization accelerates there are more opportunities than ever before to learn, to live and to succeed. However, with all this opportunity comes fierce competition. Never before have so many young people from China chosen to pursue their studies abroad.

Our academic advisors, many of whom are graduates of the top US, UK and HK universities, can guide you through every step of the university application process. Our blend of local and international talent positions us to become one of the region's leading suppliers of consultation and other services to those who wish to study abroad.

With our globally sourced teaching faculty, we cover all the major curricula from both the US and the UK. With years of achievement in their own diverse fields, our academic faculty can offer their own unique insights into today's education trends.

Our Vision

To understand the needs of students for the future of education.

At AF, our international outlook allows us to understand the needs of today's global marketplace. Under the leadership of our management team, who have enjoyed decades of international teaching success, AF has all your testing, tuition and consulting needs under one roof.

As a local firm, with an international vision, AF is your gateway to a world of learning and new opportunities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students, who are interested in studying abroad, with a fully comprehensive service covering all their needs from initial enquiry right through to those final, all-important entrance interviews and exams.

Choosing to study abroad will probably be one of the most important life choices you will ever make. Here at AF, it is our goal to make your pathway to the world's most prestigious schools and colleges as smooth as possible.

Core Values

To understand the needs and hopes of our students, and to instil in our students the love for learning, the ambition and the leadership skills that will allow them to realise their dreams of studying at some of the world's highest institutions of learning are our core values at heart.

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