Student Achievements

Getting accepted into the world's top academic institutions is not an easy task. Whilst it would be very easy for us to present a series of flowery paragraphs and advertising gimmicks, at AF we know that, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, Chinese customers demand results and they, rightly, have the highest expectations for our services.

Here at AF, we hire the best teachers and consultants, to give you the best service. All of our staff come with proven, highly successful, track records in their respective fields. To date, we believe the results speak for themselves. As just a sample of what our team has already achieved, here are some of the accomplishments of our CEO, Alex Cheng.

Over the past few years, Alex has helped more than 200 students admitted to top 25 US/UK universities and top 3 HK universities.

Here is a breakdown of our accomplishments to date:

The number below each institute denote the number of students that have successfully admitted into the respective institute.

  • US Universities
  • Cornell University25
  • Harvard University15
  • Princeton University12
  • Stanford University12
  • University of Chicago3
  • University of Pennsylvania6
  • Yale University6
  • UK Universities
  • Imperial College London7
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science13
  • University College London15
  • Cambridge University6
  • Durham University5
  • Oxford University3
  • Warwick University14
  • HK Universities
  • The University of Hong Kong14
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong17
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology25

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