Consultation Services

These days more and more families in China are seeking to give their children a head start on the competition, by sending them abroad to study. Of course we've all heard of the likes of Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, not to mention, Harvard and the other Ivy League schools in the US.

Our team at AF brings with them a proven track record in helping students from all walks of life secure places at these prestigious schools and colleges.

These names have academic pedigree and influence that goes back centuries.

Finding The Right School For You

All across the world, millions of students dream of reaching these institutions and, in doing so, following in the footsteps of some of the greatest minds and most successful individuals in the world today. At AF, our consulting services can help you make these dreams into a reality. Our consultants bring with them a veritable treasure trove of knowledge and experience, to help you choose the best schools and colleges for your child's future.

Of course an overseas education doesn't just start at university. Boarding schools also serve as an important stepping stone into the upper echelons of the higher education world. Here at AF we also offer a fully comprehensive service connecting you with the very boarding schools around the world. From initial enquiry, through the application and even onto continuing support and tuition after your placement is secured, AF takes you through the whole process, offering expert advice support and guidance every step of the way.

With the support of our team here at AF, when it comes to following your academic dreams, the sky is the limit!

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