Interview Preparation

Over the last few years, innumerate surveys and questionnaires have asked students what they find the most challenging and stressful about applying to study abroad. By far the most common answer is the dreaded interview!

It's difficult enough interviewing for regular universities, but when you are talking about the likes of Harvard, Stanford or MIT in the US, or Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, the task can seem incredibly daunting.

Students often speak of feeling confused, nervous, unsure of what to say and perhaps most worryingly unsure of what the examiner expects of them.

At AF we know how to survive the interview process. Our advisors know the interview process, because they have lived through it, and survived to tell the tale.

Many of our faculty staff are graduates of these same prestigious universities and colleges, and can provide the kind of perspective that only comes from personal experience. With our advisors you can learn all the hints, tips and general "tricks of the trade" to give yourself the inside track on the interview process.

Unsure About Your English Ability?

We also provide a comprehensive system of conversational English classes and personal tuition, to get your English up to the required level as quickly as possible. Finally, before you take the plunge and go for that all-important interview, how about taking a test drive?

We also offer full mock interviews prepared by our own in-house academic team, who have themselves graduated from these same top-level US and UK institutions. The mock interview is followed by a full step by step feedback session, where we will identify any potential weaknesses and work with you to get you back up to speed in no time.

For a full breakdown of the range of English classes we offer, please refer to Our Courses at the "Academic Offerings" Section.

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