At AF, we cover everything that a budding international student needs to achieve their dreams of studying abroad. As you no doubt know well, getting into the top level US, UK and HK universities and boarding schools can be a very taxing experience.

For such a big decision, there are many things one must consider:

  • Where should you go?
  • What exam scores do you need?
  • What course will you study?
  • Which syllabus will you follow?

These are just some of the many, many questions you will face as you make that all important decision.

Going abroad to study can be a difficult, challenging and sometimes even scary experience for some people. However, with the support of our team of experts, there's no need to worry, you are in good hands.

Our staff, many of whom have studied at these world famous institutions themselves, can give you the advice, the information and the tools you need to make the most of your overseas experience and realise your full potential.

Whether its brushing up your English before you go, choosing the right place to study, perfecting that crucial application letter, or even just giving those test scores that essential, last minute, boost, at AF, we've got you covered.

Here at AF will aim to make the whole exercise as simple and straight-forward for you as possible, thanks to our range of services, personally tailored to each student's own individual needs.

We offer complete packages for US/UK/HK university entry.

  • Academic Offerings

    This includes full support and tuition in the corresponding exam courses (for example SAT® training for US universities or IGCSE/A-Level training for the UK system.)

  • University Applications

    We also offer all the university admission information to you as part of our one-stop service. We take you through the application process itself, helping you prepare for every eventuality.

  • Consultation Services

    Even after we've helped you choose your school, there's still a lot to consider: Not sure what to write in your personal statement? Unsure of types of questions to expect at the interview? At AF our highly experienced staff can support you through every step of the process.

  • Interview Preparation

    In addition, we provide full interview preparation support. From basic English revision right up to full mock interviews, overseen by our teachers, who themselves have passed these same interviews before as graduates of these same top tier institutions.

  • Other Services

    We offer a fully comprehensive selection of additional services, to take care of your every need, as you prepare to study overseas.

We are very careful about who we select to be our consultants and teachers here at AF. All of them must pass through a rigorous and highly selective recruitment process to ensure they are of the highest quality.

After selection, our teachers also undergo and intensive and ongoing training regime with various internal assessment and mock lessons, to maintain the highest standards of teaching.

Our teachers can draw on a wealth of resources to prepare the highest quality lessons geared towards each student's individual needs. Among these resources we offer: comprehensive notes, topic focused past paper questions, mock exam papers produced by our in-house team of academic publishers and past student exemplars.

To prepare our students for the intensive atmosphere of an English only learning environment, all of our courses are conducted completely in English, to help students adapt to an immersive English environment. Additionally, all English classes at our centre are taught only by native English speakers to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and lesson quality.

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