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Studying abroad is a dream more and more students from China are choosing to follow every year. However, unlike many countries where simply getting the requisite exam results and paying the appropriate fees will guarantee you entry, US and UK universities have a far more protracted and prolonged process for gaining entry. This becomes especially complicated when we are looking at the top tier schools and colleges, like the Ivy League in the US and Oxford and Cambridge in the UK.

Getting Into Your University Of Choice

It used to be the case that simply getting high scores in your SATs would secure you a place in an Ivy League school. Likewise, in the UK, if you got straight A's in your A-Level exams then you were basically guaranteed your pick of best colleges.

These days however, the university application process goes well beyond just getting good exam scores. Today, many of the top universities and colleges rely on a mix of exam grades, personal interview and, that trickiest of all writing assignments, the personal statement.

Luckily, at AF, we have the expertise and the experience to help you navigate this hazard-ridden process.

Our consultants and advisors are experts not only in how the application processes for US ,UK and HK schools work. They also have the experience and the cultural awareness to give you the inside track on what those interviewers and assessors are looking for in their applicants.

AF offers a fully comprehensive university entrance service. From searching with you to find the right school, interview training, English presentation skills and we'll even help you structure and set out a strong, convincing personal statement. For an in-depth look at our University Entrance Support System, please refer to the University Entrance Support page on this site.

Getting Into A US University

Getting into a US university is, on the face of it, a far more complicated and drawn out process than going to study in the UK. Unlike the UK, which has UCAS as a single, centralized administrator for all UK university applications, the US has no single, unified system for processing such applications.

However, the upside to this is that a student can, in principle, apply to as many universities or colleges as they wish. However, the universities, especially the higher tier institutions, will ask a lot more of applicants when they apply. In addition to the UK requirements, students will also be required to provide high school exam results, results of US university admission tests such as SAT and ACT, resume (including not just work experience but also extra curricula activities and non-academic memberships and achievements, such a sports clubs, and such like), personal statements and college essays. College essays are very different from the aforementioned personal statement.

Under the UK system a personal statement is supposed to be a general outline of why you would make a good university student. College Essays are far more specific and force you to focus specifically on why you would make a good student for that particular university.

Again, this is where AFs team of US university consultants can help. They have been there and done that. They have gained entry to and graduated from those very same top level schools you want to apply for. With our help, we will get you there.

Getting Into A UK University

In the UK, University applications are all controlled by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). This centralized administration means that, in principle at least, the process for getting admitted to a UK university is simpler and more straightforward than getting into a similar institution in the US.

For university admissions, the main exams that you will need to pass are the GCE A-Level, and for your English abilities, the IELTS test. AF offers a range of courses to help you gain the highest possible scores in both your A-levels and IELTS exams.

In addition to these exam scores, you will also be required to write a personal statement, and possibly attend an interview as well. Again, AF can help you in this regard. Our UK system consultants, who have graduated top tier UK institutions like Oxford and Cambridge can guide you through drafting an appropriate Personal Statement as well as prepare you for the interview with intensive English training and a series of mock interviews.

Getting Into A HK University

The process for gaining acceptance into Hong Kong Universities is more straightforward than those in the US and UK. Whilst it does follow the same principle as the US system of having no centralized applications hub, it is not as demanding to complete. Students from outside Hong Kong pass through the direct application to their chosen universities (known as non-JUPAS applications in HK). There is no limit on the number of applications one can make. In general terms HK universities will accept all the same recognized exam scores as the US and UK, namely: SAT, ACT, AP®, GCEAL and IBDP.

Again, our consultants at AF can help you source the specific requirements for your chosen institution and course of study.

How AF Can Help

AF offers a range of SAT® and ACT preparation courses, complete with mock exams, past papers and extensive notes and other hints and tips to maximise your scores. We also offer extensive English tuition, conducted entirely by native English speakers, to maximise your scores.

Whether you choose to study in the US or the UK or HK, with AF's complete one-stop service we will make your university dreams a reality.

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